Fun & Funky Hairstyle

June 1, 2014


Step 1: Begin with clean, dry hair parted the way you want it for the hairstyle.
Step 2: Section off the top two-thirds of your hair and begin with a one inch section of hair.
Steps 3 & 4: Curl this section of hair using a ½-1 inch curling wand or barrel.
Steps 5 & 6: Take the next 1 inch section and straighten this one. (more…)

Blow It Out! For The Wavy Haired Girl

May 29, 2014


Step 1: Begin with damp, freshly washed hair. You can apply a curl enhancing mousse at this point if you would like, but I chose not to.

Step 2: Begin sectioning off your hair, beginning with the bottom third section.

Step 3: Using a medium sized round brush, blow dry your hair as usual.

Steps 4, 5, & 6: Using a small round brush, brush a 1-2 inch section of hair out from underneath and begin wrapping it like a curling barrel once you reach the bottom.


No-Heat Waves

May 11, 2014


Step 1: Begin with dry hair parted and combed the way you want it for the hairstyle.

Step 2: Split your hair in 2 halves and begin by taking out a 1 inch section and clipping away the rest of the hair.

Step 3: Spray a generous amount of water onto your hand using a spray bottle.

Step 4: Run your hand over your hair a few times until the section is damp, but not too wet. (more…)

5 Minute Curls

May 3, 2014


  • Step 1: Begin with your hair in it’s natural texture. I like to put a bit of heat protectant in my hair before I begin as well.
  • Steps 2 and 3: Pull your hair back into a high ponytail. It doesn’t need to be perfect, just make sure there aren’t too many bumps and it is as high on your head as you can get it while still keeping it clean.
  • (more…)