Five 5 Minute Hair Styles That Will Fit Seamlessly into Your Busy Schedule

May 1, 2012

The summer is on its way out, our holidays are coming to an end and we have to face reality again. We are all going back to school or work and we are heading into autumn where our busy lifestyles can make our fashion trends take a back seat. Summer allows us to express our style in bold and bright colors, lots of accessories and amazing beach hair!

The Side Plait. Photo Credit

Autumn doesn’t have to mean drab and dull styles to match the less than favorable weather! We can still fit looking glamorous into our busy lifestyles by learning quick and easy tips to help us. The first place to start has to be your hair… if you want to look effortlessly chic make sure your hair is in top shape. Just because you have to maintain it a little more in the winter months doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. The beach hair look is out and we have some great hair dos that are not only simple but take less than five minutes to master. So no matter how busy you are, you can still look and feel great!

1. The Bun

The bun is totally on trend this autumn. Just tie your hair in a bun using a hair band ensuring it is not too perfect. Leave bits hanging out so it looks like you haven’t even tried. Take the front section of your hair and straighten it. This leaves you looking glam, yet casual, so it works for everyday use. It is so quick and easy, a great look for back to school as featured in this recent CocoKouture article last week.

2. The Ponytail

The ponytail never fails to be quick, easy and sleek. They’re consistently featured on catwalks, as the style really allows you to show off your fab outfit. For a perfectly luxe ponytail, use enough hair serum to slick back any stray hairs and tie your hair high and tight. To change it up, use a Babyliss hair wrap so there is no visible hair-tie. A variation on the idea is to mess up the look a little bit. Just create a center part with your hair down. Then, using your fingers, gather the hair towards the crown of your head. Notice how Jen Aniston keeps the bumps and exudes more of a laid back vibe with this style.

 3. The Side Plait

We are obsessed with this look! We love how so many celebs are taking on the side plait/braid for a daytime AND evening look. For the daytime look you need to take all your hair to one side, take the hair into three sections and cross them over into a rough braid. This is great because it can be messy but still look good! This braid trend is very versatile as it can be transformed into an evening look by taking a little extra time and doing a French plait or a fish tail plait, like Diane Kruger. This style is easy, but takes some practice to perfect. Experiment with your hair and you’ll find out the best way to wear this look!

4. The Poof

We just love the poof hairstyle done right! And with all the 70’s flashbacks we’re seeing this fall season, this is an ideal hairstyle to pair with the vintage look. On the other hand, this is the easiest way to do your hair the day after you have washed and perfectly straightened your tresses. When you wake up on day two, just brush it out, take the front, top section and back comb your hair. Use hairspray underneath the section you have back combed and then fix in with some bobby pins. Simply, take at least two bobby pins and secure them in an “X” shape at the back of your poor. This poof can be made bigger than that seen on Kourtney Kardashian by using a lot more hairspray and a teasing comb, for a more elegant look.

5. The Headband

Kristen Bell is rocking the headband look here and as you can see, she looks sophisticated and classy. She has combined the slicked back bun with the headband which together creates a unique and ethereal style. The headband accessory is not only great because it shows off your personal style, but it is a great alternative to washing your hair yet again. Headbands can also work in well with the braided hairstyles and come in a wide variety.

So, as you can see, there are no excuse ladies! Your hair does not have to be a hassle on those busy mornings when you are rushing to get ready. Plus, even better, you can use them to your advantage and still maintain your put together image. With a win-win deal, there is no reason not to look your absolute best this season!



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