Get Glamourous Old Hollywood Waves

January 25, 2013

Kouturekiss - How To Master Old Hollywood Waves

  1. Using your brush, give your hair a deep side part.
  2. Curl all of your hair in the same direction on each side towards your face. The smaller the barrel of your curler, the more wavy it’ll be in the end. Try your best to have all of your curls be super structured and symmetrical (ie look the same!).
  3. Once all your hair is all curled you should look something like this. Usually perfectly curled hair is not flattering, but for this technique, it’s necessary!
  4. After the curls have cooled completely, use your brush to gently comb out your curls. If your hair likes to hold onto curl, you may need to do this more than once.
  5. Set with your favorite hairspray and/or shine spray.

Et Voilá! Some lipstick and a LBD and you are red carpet ready!



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