The Unicorn Braid

June 20, 2012

Every girl was reluctant to let go of childhood fairytales when they grew up. There was always that part of us that longs for a good dress up session! What if you could incorporate a fun part of your childhood while keeping up with the current trends? Now you can! The unicorn braid is chic with a whimsical twist! And the best part is it’s so simple that even the childhood you could pull it off! Follow the steps below and you’ll be a fairytale fashionista in no time!

  1. Always brush hair to remove all tangles. For your first attempt I recommend starting with your hair straight!

  2. Secure hair with an elastic into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Then, divide hair into two equal sections.
  3. Twist both sections in opposite directions.
  4. Wrap the two sections around each other while still tightly twisting the pieces as you go. When you reach the end/tips of your hair, quickly secure with an elastic.

Now that you see how simple the unicorn braid is, you can use it for almost any occasion. Ideal for a bad hair day, rainy day, or for a day when the traditional braid just isn’t fun enough! So get back in touch with your inner princess and give this trendy ‘do’ a try!



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